WLTOYS A500 طائرة حربيه للتعليم والتدريب





▲Product number: XKS A500 (Q version F4U pirate)
▲Product description: Four-channel like real machine
▲Product material: EPP+engineering plastic
▲Wingspan (mm): 350
▲Captain (mm): 270
▲Body height (mm): 150
▲Color box size (cm): 38*18.7*20.2CM
▲Flight weight (G): 70G (including battery)
▲Glide flight time: about 12 minutes
▲Charging time: about 80 minutes
▲Remote control mode: 2.4G four channels
▲Remote control distance (meters): radius 150 meters
▲Remote control battery: 4 AA (not included)
▲Number of drive motors: hollow cup motor 1020 *1
▲Battery details: LI-POLY 3.7V(400MAH) 20C


▲Four-channel design, easy to learn, fan blades, motors, and wings are removable for easy replacement, and the flight control system adds two receiver conversion sockets. 5V is suitable for FUTABA (S-BUS) and other belts (S-BUS) Port of the receiver, 3V is suitable for DSM receivers. Customers can control the product through an external receiver.
▲EPP+engineering plastic, the flight weight is about 70g.
▲Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight stabilization system, with 1020 motor super-power reduction group, the route lock is more stable. The remote control 6G/3D mode can be switched at will, and the 6G mode is suitable for beginners to fly. The 3D mode can realize somersaults, roll left and right, and fly upside down. It is recommended to fly the aircraft to a certain height for operation to avoid improper operation and reduce the possibility of falling.
▲USB special charger, more effective to protect the battery from overcharging.
▲The upper part of the plane is dark blue and the lower part is light blue to show the mini Q version appearance. The transparent cabin cover and the driver make the appearance of the aircraft more realistic.
▲Simple operation, even beginners can easily master it. Simple mini Q-version color box packaging, easy to carry.
▲Standard battery LI-POLY 3.7V (400MAH) 20C, super endurance gliding flight for about 12 minutes.
▲The unique buckle structure design of the fan blade assembly will automatically fall off when the fan blade hits an obstacle, which is more effective to protect the motor from damage.

Package List:

▲1 *Color box packaging
▲1 *Remote control
▲1 * Aircraft
▲1 * Manual
▲1 * usb charging head
▲1 * Blade set
▲2 * Battery 3.7V(400MAH)
▲1 *Rear landing gear
▲1 *Left and right landing gear
▲1 *Phillips screwdriver


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